JL Sitemap

The JL Sitemap component generates fully realized and detailed maps for Joomla on a sitemap.xml. The tool freely allows the Joomla software to quickly and accurately create a fully realized map of your site location.

For each of the base packages comes a number of different tools and support options. They all come with Joomla support articles, fully compatible with Joomla 3.9 and 4, and will build their maps based on the Joomla-specific router.

The platform offers support in both English as well as Russian and can handle numerous online links without crashing. As resources are only used when a sitemap file is created, there isn’t a huge load placed on hosting servers.

Included on the platform is also support for different filtering modes as well.

  • SIMPLE MODE allows for the removal of any junk links that may not correspond to the main body in a variety of different parameters.
  • MENU FILTER MODE allows you to only present and see specific menus needed in a particular map.
  • STOP WORDS FILTER MODE allows users to bring a sitemap into compliance with robots.txt.
  • REGULAR EXPRESSIONS MODE allows for modification of the sitemap while utilizing regular expressions.

In terms of protection, JL Sitemap has a debug mode as well as complete protection against any accidental site launches, only ever creating maps once every couple of hours. Similarly, if a site is created, it is easy enough to simply delete the file.

There are numerous types of sitemap options available on the package. These include Image, HTML, and Multilanguage sitemaps. JL Sitemap uses cron for .xml sitemap generation and immediately does so whenever an online user visits the platform.

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