JL No Doubles

The JL No Doubles Plugin is a Joomla extension that is specifically designed to remove any “double” or duplicated pages on a site and redirect any links whenever a site structure is changed, ensuring no link is broken as a result.

Because the Joomla software already creates numerous URLs for a single page, they are all picked up by a search engine. This result, while useful in one end, can be devastating for one’s site ranking, ultimately pushing the results down.

To combat this effect, the JL No Doubles Plugin instead merges these duplicated pages into one while redirecting to correct pages rather than the numerous different available pages.

This is incredibly useful as many people also use it to help with site navigation as changing the site’s structural setup now does not require fixing preexisting links to avoid the dead link problem. The plugin is based on Shnodoubles and was developed by Hekima and is supported by Joomline.

An important note. The plugin platform requires Joomla to be performed. It does not work with third-party SEF components and must be performed with Joomla SEF instead.

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