JL Content Fields Filter

The JL Content Fields Filter an entirely free module that will filter any Joomla articles to customized content fields. These fields can be created in the administrator panel of the Joomla software. There, you can filter any articles based on their specific fields.

JL Content Fields Filter is compatible with all Joomla software updates from 3.8 and beyond. The module supports both Joomla articles as well as contacts and offers filtering support as well. You are able to filter along a number of different categories including list, text, checkboxes, and radio. You can also automatically filter certain areas when changing the settings.

When used, the module grants the user the ability to choose different filtering templates in the field settings and place multiple modules on a single page. You are also able to select a visual representation as well as filter based on price or size.

Specialized templates can be used with a filtering slider depending on their connection with nouislider script. The module platform allows you to continue to filter even while in a subcategory as well as operate the filter without jQuery.

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