There are many different aspects of Joomla to explore. These include plugins, extensions and add-ons. In order to understand each of these features, it is important to understand what Joomla is. Joomla is a reliable and comprehensive management system for web content. Some of the most common uses for Joomla include various online discussion forums and e-Commerce. Not only is Joomla extremely important to the success of websites, but its features also make everyday tasks easier for all users.

Plugins Joomla

Plugins are defined as a type of extension. The primary responsibility of a plugin is to respond to an event and execute in sequence.

Extensions Joomla

Extensions are defined as a type of software package. The primary responsibility of an extension is to enhance the installation in some way, shape or form. For example, there are many preloaded extensions available with Joomla, also known as default extensions. However, a wider selection is available for users via the extensions directory.